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cbc concert

the raccoon i married
this is what my husband likes to do after work: imagine himself as a happy forest creature.

in other news: our dec 12 concert at the vancouver east cultural centre is ready to listen to at cbc online. some songs with the old quartet, some songs with the current 9 piece extravaganza. some clapping. you know the type of thing.

what else has been going on? i just finished a little piece for the standing wave ensemble, a 2 minute remembrance of parks from my childhood. that will premiere on may 10 in vancouver. i’m working on music for the new theatre replacement show Greatest Cities in the World, opening march 9 in vancouver and travelling to montreal, ottawa, and kitchener. i have to start collecting complaints for a song for the vancouver complaints choir: send them in! and we’re still working on the new fits record, aiming to get that out for the summer time. and peter panties carries on, new songs coming without my even asking for them. ok, i think i need a nap.

4 thoughts on “cbc concert

  1. Ooo oo! Where in Kitchener?

    Were you on the Ceeb this morning on the Go piano show? I was in the shower could barely hear and my cats wouldn’t tell me.

  2. hi james! check the theatre replacement site for deets on the show tour. it’s looking really good! and nope, i was not on go. your cats are still on your side.

  3. I have a complaint.

    Every evening for the past week, whilst eating my tea, I have watched coverage of the Winter Olympics in your back yard and you have singularly failed to appear. Not only do you seem to have “forgotten” to enter the skiing, bobsleigh and speedskating events, but there has been a noticeable lack of local soundtrack material in the ice dancing and figure skating.

    Can you please confirm that future coverage of the ice hockey will feature your participation (actively or in a UN peace-keeping role) in one of the fights which traditionally punctuate such events? Bit of theatrical energtic sweepery in the curling perhaps?? Distinctive piano accompaniment to a National Anthem at a medal ceremony???

  4. I’d prefer to see eyes above a black bloc mask, haha.

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