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a new favourite

there is a new record out called the happiness project by charles spearin, and i love it.

5 thoughts on “a new favourite

  1. i just listened to the track mrs. morris with headphones, brilliant.

  2. Indeed, wearing headphones and playing around with the left/right speaker balance was pretty neat.
    Sign up and download “Anna” also, lots of pretty birds chirping along to a jazzy tune.
    Ah, plus two more compositions on
    Thanks for the tip Veda!

  3. nb: I’d love to see him do a similar project involving other languages (with completely different sounds), leaving you to really focus on melody, solely speculating on what is conveyed.

  4. thankyou for this Veda – I told Judge Smith about it (he is an English singer / songwriter / composer – he helped to form the band Van Der Graaf Generator a very long time ago) – he has done similar work on his L-Rad project; a moving piece where his collaborator Steve Defoe tells stories about his (now deceased) friend with precise accompaniment by Judge. Judge was delighted to hear the Happiness project album – went and bought a copy – so did I – hey thats two more sales at least 🙂 Thanks again!

  5. Judge Smith is a legend (well, among Van Der Graaf fans). Saw him live once, very entertaining, good good fun.

    Otherwise, I have no idea what’s going on and have only just read this post and no idea what the Happiness project is.

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