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howdy folks.  some exciting news!  my family has decided to head over to berlin this fall for 3 months.  i’m going to play shows and write, and justin and anders and saoirse will learn german and hang out.  so this will mean some european and hopefully also uk shows.  i can finally make up for last years cancellations.

other news;  the lucklucky video should be up this week. those fussy filmmakers are doing some last minute changes, which is crazy because it already looks great.  we’ll get it up here soon for you.  the craiglist cantata was so well received that we’re going to be putting it up again at various festivals this summer.  what else?  mmmm, maybe a new record is in the works…..

6 thoughts on “berlin

  1. Alright, that is good news, all of them. If you play in England I surely will try to be there.

    BTW, have you had the time to check out the new APE-forum?

  2. New record! Berlin! Shows! *glee*

  3. Woohoo!!

    You promised an elephant. Will there be an elephant?


  5. What is it with Germany!? I’m going there in May for 2 months – also learning german and then kicking around.. sad that i won’t see you, but happy for traveling!

  6. any chance you play a concert in mannheim´s feuerwache?

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