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do you want what i have got?

rehearsals for our little musical are going well. i had an actual chorus line kind of moment when we first sang in a line for our director and sm and producer. fun! and silly. did i tell you who is singing?  ford pier, patsy klein, sam newton, barry mirochnick.  brave souls.  for those new to this blog, the musical (titled as this post is titled) is based on craigslistings. book by bill richardson, music by me. here is a sneak preview, me singing into the minidisc while my son cries in the other room. attended by his father, of course.


and while we’re on the subject, joe wrote in recently and alerted me to the music of gabriel kahane in nyc. who has a song cycle called Craislistlieder. and many other fine musics besides. so there you go, we’re all thinking the same thoughts eventually.

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  1. Okay, my Veda-obsessed ears want to know if they will ever have the chance to listen to this Opera when it’s done… I love this excerpt. Any chance this will become a CD?:-p.

    As to Gabriel Kahane, he works with Dan Tepfer, who is a kick@$$ pianist. Really. I have two of his CD’s. Great stuff… (as you can see, I don’t listen ***only*** to your music…).


  2. i’m glad that you are branching out raff. we will be making a live recording of the musical, and maybe we’ll get into a studio with it at some point. it’s pretty silly….

    by the by, i can’t figure out why the music player is so ugly on this post. usually it’s much prettier. hmmm.

  3. We LOVED this musical. Any plans to release a recording?

  4. we’re talking about a recording, about an expanded stage version, touring….the craigslist musical will live on!

  5. And here is a “CAN’T MISS” Ballet video at the melody of Veda’s “Old Song”:

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  7. And, yet, more Veda goodies — in this case, a nice homage (I guess *everyone* is looking forward to seeing the video):

  8. just what we need. will the murder/s be featured? I do so long to see it.

  9. Awaiting moderation? Whatever does that mean? Editing? Passing muster? Making sure I’m not kidding. Or worse, making sure I’m not crazy? I’ve been doing the last for decades!

  10. Hi, I met you about 10 years ago in Ireland at Lissard. You were conducting and open mic in the woods – a lovely night too. I’d just got work through a friend as a driver and was warned not to bring my guitar – at least on my first night on duty. Drivers there did a lot of hanging around.

    As a lefty, borrowing a guitar was not really feasible and, thanks to you, I did perform a song I hadn’t found a tune for – as a poem. I was picked up and played on a few radio stations and actually eaned me my fist ever roalty cheque. Thank you.

    Your name came to mind today and I’ve just googled you, found your craigslist project and just have to share this ‘craigslist’ song video recorded in my living room – with interference from my, now sadly deceased cat. Chet O’Keefe was staying on my couch while visiting Ireland.

    In case you’d like to hear it, the poem ‘Yesterday’s News’ is now ‘Chemistry Lessons’ the song, and features on my new CD, I’ll attach that too.

    Isn’t the internet wonderful (not sure if there should be a question mark here – I seriously flunked English at school.)

    The Video

    Chemistry Lessons

  11. hallo there sean! great to hear that you’ve kept up with the songiness. congratulations. i have such fond memories of that crazy lissard experience. here’s to meeting up at some other open mic somewhere, someday.

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