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definitely not the opera

i had a nice chat with sook-yin lee yesterday, which will be broadcast on dnto on saturday afternoon at around 1:45.  we talked about prized possessions, and i mentioned the small crocheted sheep that justin gave me when we were courting.  and that i subsequently had tattooed on my right arm.  because i’m so freaking tough.  here is a picture of the tattoo when it was pretty fresh, from 2001.  

for those wanting pictures of anders, scroll down a few entries back.  i’ll post some new ones soon enough (he grows so fast!) but for now those ones ought to do.

don’t forget to check out the push festival, starting soon. the little musical i made with bill richardson is coming along nicely. it’s called Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata. gotta go, someone is waking up.

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4 thoughts on “definitely not the opera

  1. Dear Veda. Jan, from Emily Carr House in Victoria gave me your name, amazing.
    I had no idea that by proposing a series of murals about Emily Carr in Chemainus, we not only entered a brand new world, but indeed a whole new universe, which seems most amazing, multifaceted, never ending and ever expanding.

    It seems that with the latest Emily Carr murals in Chemainus “A new Emily Carr Renaissance” is under way. I am glad you are part of the E.C. Family and look forward to meet you. Please visit:
    All the best for 2009 and always. Karl

  2. The podcast to the chat with Sook-Yin Lee is available here:

  3. Just listened to the Sook-Yin Lee interview – enjoyable. I’ll be looking for more of yo,ur music. About six years ago I purchased a wreck of a guitar, brand name Stella and subsequently learned to play, albeit badly. I’ve since moved on to a better guitar but Stella will always hold a special place in my heart. T’would be funny if it was the same one!

  4. Hello Veda!
    Beautiful little sheep-although it looks a bit like a bunny to me 🙂
    Warm as always greetings from Poland!!!

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