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happy new year all. we had a nice turning of the year, baking bread in our backyard oven and eating it hot while standing in the snow. all hail to the mighty bryn rawlyk, baker and upstairs neighbour extraordinaire.

i finally updated the shows page! go check it out. and for those in vancouver be sure to check out the whole program at the push festival. some great stuff, and i got to do some curating at the Club Push part of things. daniel barrow! juana molina! vincat! robin holcomb and peggy lee! the cromoli bros! more more more…..see you there.

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4 thoughts on “shows!

  1. Wow!

    Great news! That’s good that it’s almost evil. I will have to see one of your shows this year.

  2. Okay, Veda… This is VERY important (as in, it has to be showcased):

    may 7 + 10, 2009 duplex! new album release vancouver, bc vancouver east cultural centre


    What can you tell about Duplex’s new album?

  3. I meant “highlighted”:-). You can’t be that discrete about a new Duplex album…

  4. heyo raff and all

    the new duplex album is called Worser, and we made it in december. there will be a special advance version available at the may shows, and the proper release will be in the fall. because we are running late on mixing and artwork, basically.

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