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we were live

hallo friends

so this slightly unexpected thing happened yesterday, here in toronto. we played live on the internet! i didn’t realize that “live” really meant “live”, so i gave no warning. but you can still go see it at zunior. it’s very casual, and for a big chunk of it i’m on the phone with justin, blowing his mind and waving to him on the Internet. we basically rehearse for our show tonight, live in front of the possible world.

and for all those asking, i will be putting up the new album for sale on this site later this week. i just need a few free hours. also, a warning: we’re raising our prices. some new postal hikes are in place, and i have to reflect them. c’est la vie mes petits choux.

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8 thoughts on “we were live

  1. Ha, it was fun when you didn´t know that you were on the Internet! Thanks for posting the link Veda.

    Did the show go well?

    Mr Postman have still not delivered what I am waiting for. Sigh, maybe tomorrow?

  2. Thanks for letting us broadcast you live Veda. It’s not quite a perfected art-form just yet, but we’re working on it. I’ll try to get some of the video from the little camera to you very soon.

    Here are some links to where the online stream can now be found: (second window)

    Suffice to say that you’ve got a new fan!

  3. Ouch, anyone else that haven´t got the life packages? The postwoman was just here, but didn´t cause any riot.

    Normally the mail takes 4-5 days from Canada to Sweden. But now have 14 days passed. I walk around like an eggsick hen, not knowing what to do…

  4. I don’t know if mine’s arrived, as I am out of town. But will possibly know tomorrow, as I get back home.

  5. Such a lovely recording of something as intimate as rehearsing for a show. I adore the little goofy slips (“luck lucky l.. oops, sorry!”), the informal basement-setting and the fact that the sound switches from radio-quality to raw “rehearsal studio quality”; when it sounds like you’re actually in the studio with the band. Seeing you play live on the internet make me long for for May 8th!

    Quote of the year:
    “How long are we on the internet?”
    “Until the batteries run out, I guess.”

  6. My album is here, and it rocks. Just imagine a VERY happy man. Focus on that image hard…

    Now, you see me;-).

    Veda, you rock!

    I will come with a more detailed review later!

    P.S.: I guess that my favourite song (piece?) is “The Moon” :-O .

  7. Aaarrrghhh, I wish it was possible to edit some of my ramblings here. I sound like a grumpy old geezer. Whining away in Swenglish. Sorry about that, folks!

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