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only -18

hello friends

i am in winnipeg, on a rare free day in this busy month. i went for a walk, because it is not SO cold, but turns out -18 is still fairly chilly. bracing, you could call it.

the show last night at the winnipeg new music festival went very well. westminster is a gorgeous wooden church, and it was filled with many listening people. all the choirs had odd and adventurous music for us, and my songs with the University of Manitoba choir were basically a joy to perform. that will be on the radio on feb 12, and again on feb 17, on cbc’s The Signal. when i have the internet link i’ll post that too. the emily carr dance shows have been going well too, and riot life has begun it’s halting journey in the world.

oh, that reminds me; Life Support System, the reason i haven’t mailed your records yet is that there is a special component that isn’t finished yet….a fancy cardboard sleeve that got delayed in production. so i do have the cds themselves, but i want you to have the whole package. because i laboured over it, and i think it’s nice. so hopefully i’ll have those back in about 10 days, and then your final envelopes will be mailed out! if anyone has changed their mailing address, do let me know.

ok, time to find an airplane. til next x v

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6 thoughts on “only -18

  1. Hi Veda, i first read your ending line as “if anyone has changed their mind”! I don´t know why my brain did that because this is the most awaited release for years. “Return of the Kildeer” is in my humble opinion one of the planets best records, and if “The Riot Life” is just half as good it will be this years best record!

    Ten days, and then let´s say four days for the journey over the Atlantic. Alright, I know what to do two weeks from today! Cheers, Per.

  2. Thanks for the fantastic show Sunday night. My heart hurt from all the beautiful music, and I’ve been listening to This Riot Life non-stop since I got home.

  3. Glad to hear the choir concert went so well… sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to hear it. Good thing we only have to wait a week!

    And Veda, of course you can’t send your new CDs off into the world half-dressed, but I have to admit… I’m a little envious of Claire now (and wondering if this is the famous Claire who gets her name in songs…?). But if we must put on our patient hats then so be it as it’s worth waiting for. Best wishes, Fran.

  4. And this comment below, coming from who it’s coming, is the type of thing that makes me want to hear the album even more:

    “Veda’s creativity leaves me in the shade…. Veda’s arrangement of THE MOON is ….and I’m going to say it, one of the most starkly beautiful things I have ever heard in my life….I bow to her talents. Is it something in the Canadian water? …Frankly, I’m jealous of Veda Hille. Best thing you will hear for a long long time.â€? – Andy Partridge – XTC

    Yeah, I’ve been googling!

    Enough with the relentless posting for today 😉

  5. Thanks for the googling Rafael, I stole it for the myspace if you don’t mind. 😉

    – quinne.

  6. Thanks for working with us, Veda. It was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to see the things you come up with in the future!

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