ok, so i guess it is not Nostalgia Month. that was last week. last week i was all about Nostalgia, this week i am all about The Now. maybe next week is The Future, but more likely The Crash And Burn.

so in the spirit of the now, here are some Fresh Songs that i sold at the Red Square Christmas Bazaar last saturday. basically, people gave me donations, i asked them a few questions, and then i played them their song. on some casios and a metronome. it was really fun, and brings me to wonder why i spend so darn much time on composition. so here you go, happy Now to you all.

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5 Responses to “false advertising”

  1. Rafael


    Gotta listen to this stuff and FAST. And don’t even there considering to stop composing;-).

  2. Rafael

    P.S.: has anyone ever mentioned that the best thing you did to your fans was to create this “blog”? Gotta love all this music you keep sharing…

  3. Per Aronson

    What a brilliant idea to do music like that. Many thanks Veda – and merry christmas!

  4. Carmen

    Hehehe, this stuff could be made into a sweet little Christmas-EP! The metronome in the back just too groovy. Happy Days!

  5. maiko

    veda these are crazy and beautiful!!!

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