so, yesterday i spent a happy saturday going through the archives, otherwise known as cleaning the office. and i found all these old pictures, and a bunch of recordings. so i hereby declare this december to be Nostalgia Month here at hille inc. or Retro Days. or How Did I Get All These Lines On My Face?. Are They “Character” Or Just “Age”? How Come I Didn’t Know I Was So Cute? I Look Like My Niece. anyway, i digress. i think i’ll do a whole page of old promo shots. there’s something particularly odd and touching about the ways one presents oneself to the media. i’ll get that done in a few days.

in the meanwhile, this is a photo of the band circa 1997. barry, me, ford, martin. the classic hille combo, before everyone went salt and pepper. deborah dunn took this picture. and i have about 200 copies of it, because this was back in the days when you had to make hard copies of your photos. i have so many promo shots from the 90s! in fact, anyone who wants one can have one with their order for the next while. if you have any interest, just let me know.

and music! this is a little song that never finished itself, or maybe it was just fine the way it is. this is called “in the end”, and is from a demo for kildeer. from back in 2002, i think i made it at the end of the auditorium shows. a little happy/sad brecht rip off. more to come, i just have to keep sorting things out. happy Nostalgia Month!

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4 Responses to “cleaning out my closet”

  1. Rafael

    Very nice pic, Veda, and excellent song (as always). Thanks for sharing!

    Here is one of my favourite Veda pics:

  2. Per Aronson

    Thanks Veda. Cool little tune. I look forward to this month in nostalgia!

  3. Duncan MacKenzie

    Pehaps you could market this as a festive, branded, Veda Hille Advent Calendar (with that little TM superscript after it to give it that little intimidating edge that marketing people like to keep us in our place because it was THEIR idea and YOU can’t copy it or you’re in big trouble with the authorities or their mates in the mob).

    It’ll be fab!

    You could have it set up as a big traditional festive picture – Bethlehem in the snow with all the reindeer and candles and a big pointy star and some kings and the fat bloke in the red coat with all the toys and a manger and angels and sheep and turkeys with a cranberry bush in the background and some virgins building a snowman and a baby wearing a halo, and have little strategically placed windows that turn into the clicky internet finger thing when you move your mouse pointer over it, and then when you click on them it opens up the window and links to one of your old photos – a different one every day – or sometimes a song or maybe a downloadable chocolate or if you run out by Christmas Eve then maybe a non-secular, slightly out-of-focus picture of a snowflake or a pine tree.

    Shouldn’t be difficult and you could backdate the first 10 days of December. Or just run it into the middle of January.
    What d’you reckon?

  4. Mark Mushet

    Hey Veda! Funny. I was just going through my archives recently and I have two entire Agfa boxes of Veda (and band) pics. One colour, one B&W. All going back to 98. We should compare notes!

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