i dreamt last night that i wrote the most amazing post for you. i think i actually managed to attach some of the cinnamon heart cookies that i made for valentines or something, i woke up feeling quite proud of myself. so this will be just a hollow copy of the dreamworld cookie post.

on saturday night i went out with a team of pals to see final fantasy and buffy st. marie at The Centre in vancouver. (kinnie starr and jim byrnes were also on the bill, but alas i was in rehearsal and had to arrive late.) it was a stellar show. the organizers made an odd last minute decision, and had buffy play first and then owen (ff) followed. i think that musically speaking they should have stuck to their original guns. but nonetheless, both were stunning. buffy’s voice continues to be one of the most powerful on earth, and her presence and confidence were awe inspiring. i was completely carried away, particularly by “bury my heart at wounded knee”, despite the fact that her band’s playing was not to my taste. it didn’t matter. i am going to be singing some of buffy’s songs this spring with the cbc radio orchestra, and once again i feel lucky. and then owen pallett took the stage, a brave man after buffy’s two standing ovations. it was my first chance to see him play live, after loving the albums, and he played beautifully. and he’s covering one of my favorite john cale songs, that i was just getting ready to cover myself. that bastard. maybe we can sing it together sometime. in any case, once again seeing someone work brilliantly and musically with live loops (juana molina is the other loopmaster) i am convinced that i should stick with my band. i keep thinking that i should try that out, but after seeing owen i think i’ll leave it to him.

and then the pals all went out for gyoza and moonlight and witty conversation afterwards. the evening easily won the Best Saturday Night Of The Year award. thank god for good music and buckwheat vodka.

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    those cinnamon heart cookies were to die for! thanks veda for the pick me up!

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