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Since there are less treats on the touring blog, i’m post-dating this post to give you something to look at. This is the video for Bellyfish, a big production in “rock video style”, directed by Robert Cuffley with lots of components by my name is scot, the artist who did the album cover for spine and who was a huge influence on the whole album. That’s one of his installations that i’m writhing around in, and i believe some of his bandages are on my arm. The girl is Wynn, one of my piano students at the time. A good player and a good sport too. I can’t remember where we got the baby pigeon.

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10 thoughts on “Bellyfish

  1. Thanks for that Veda. But the file seems to be broken. Hopefully Ken can fix this one as well, just as he did with “Sweet”!

    BTW, how was the gig yesterday? Oh, how I wished I had been there…

  2. Great show last night in Berlin, still can’t get Plank’s length outta my head … say are your lyrics online, too?


  3. the file is working over here ok, is anyone else having trouble with it? and thanks rob! i had a great time in berlin. we are planning to get lyrics up here eventually, but i won´t tackle that til i get home in december. xx v

  4. Yeah, the video is working for me.

  5. Strange. The video doesn´t play properly on my Mac, but on my PC is everyhting fine. So now have I finally seen it in full glory. Lovely video to a great song. Thanks again Veda!

  6. Did you try it in Firefox on the Mac?

  7. Ken, I tried both Safari and Firefox. Yesterday both chopped up the music (I tried several times). But after you asked I tried again, and suddenly the video worked with Firefox, not Safari though. I don´t understand the digital world…

  8. Veda, this video rocks (and you are very pretty in it!)!

    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  9. would be cool if these old ones were on youtube!

  10. we are indeed going to start up a youtube empire once this tour is done. there’s at least 4 more videos waiting in the wings…..

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