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Alrighty, we’ve got it working! This is the video for sweet, one of my favorite video things i have. Shot on super8 mostly in my little apartment (oh, i loved that apartment) by my good friend Shawn Chappelle. And then he just took it away and fussed with it and added some landscapes (footage of the journey to my family’s cabin, another place i love) and made it perfect.

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5 thoughts on “sweet!

  1. I don’t see it. I wanna!

    And what a lovely new site. Thanks for sharing the music files. The Fits are so much fun!

  2. Thanks Veda. Lovely and sweet (of course) little video. Reminds me, moodwise, about Bedlam!

  3. Tiny wee baby Hille! It is lovely, and sweet.
    Maybe you will come home soon?

  4. The lovely drummer, Skye Brooks, who will be touring with you the next couple of weeks in Germany, is my son.
    I’m so glad you will be playing together. I have known your Uncle Peter and Aunt Anne Marie for years!
    I admire your music very much.
    Have a great time in Europe!

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