oh my friends, i’m looking forward to these shows. Vancouver, Toronto, and a handful of East Coastness. I’ll have another round of touring in October, and more after that. the band is sounding super great. and in an effort to become more modern and unconcerned about privacy, you can now follow me on instagram. @loveyoulikealion if you want to see pictures like the one above, plus photos of lost objects, goofy friends, and plastic owls. instagram might be the corner of the net that i linger in the most these days. a picture worth a lot of words, etc.

3 Responses to “love you like a lion”

  1. Ricardo Vianna

    Snapchat or Periscope from the audience pleaasseeee! <3 <3 <3

  2. veda

    good lord ricardo, i don’t even know what that meaaaaaans!!!! i’ll see if there’s anyone who knows how to do that at the shows.

  3. Stephen C.

    So great to talk with you last week, looking forward to seeing you and Kim at the Company House in a week. I would love to buy a Fits CD if you have any handy! I collect any and all covers of Snowbird, it’s a special Nova Scotian form of OCD.

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