veda hille back web May 15 2016 is the “street date” for this long laboured album. Street date means available here, pretty much. And if you run into me on the street. Which could happen! I’ve updated the shows page, a short tour of toronto and eastern canada in june. More shows coming in the fall. Those who ordered Love Waves in advance (some of you three years ago, my goodness) will be receiving your album with a special addition soon. I’m so happy to have these songs out in the world at last.

19 Responses to “Love Waves at last”

  1. Per Aronsson

    Great news. Really hearing forward to this!

  2. Sean

    Exactly what Per said! 🙂

  3. Fran


  4. veda


  5. Rafael

    Holy schmolly! So happy!

    The great Veda is back!!!

  6. Ricardo Vianna

    Really excited for the Love waves!

  7. Rafael

    Veda, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!

  8. Rafael

    My initial addictions are Trophy, Eurydice and Lover Hater.

    This album is full of little surprises, and small details — just the way I love. A lot to explore and journey into. It’s definitely minimalist.

    I’ll have to listen to it a few more times before it fully “sinks in”!

  9. veda

    Raf! i’m so glad you like it. phew.

  10. Fran

    ‘She made a bed inside my ear’ – no kidding!! Ich habe Ohrwurms. Schöne, schöne Ohrwurms. <3

  11. J

    Love it like a lion stuck on Veda!

  12. veda

    you people make me happy.

  13. Dafydd

    Splendid. I shall send soon my digital groats.

  14. Ricardo Vianna

    Waiting for love waves was worth every effing minute!!! Classy, elegant, beautiful, full of surprises and great songs! Your voice sounds better than ever!!! LOVE IT!

  15. Sean

    There’s a small (ok narrow) boat currently on a canal very near Bath in the UK which is now (thanks to a recent trip back to the postal address) finally gently rocking to Love Waves! That’s my way of saying Thankyou Veda! 🙂 Ps if we need tonpick favourites (and mine usually go through a process of change) then let me say I am currently fully blown away by Eurydice !

  16. Miriam

    I have been listening to this nearly every day. Dishes need to be done? Put on Love Waves! Make the kids’ lunches? Put on Love Waves! Eurydice has to get on board the Titanic! I LOVE, LOVE this album!!! Gorgeous, as usual!

  17. veda

    thank you all so much. i love to think of the songs on boats, in kitchens, and in beds in ears.

  18. julie b

    this album is becoming getting imprinted in my brain now after playing it on my long commute to work for about 1 year. It is filled with playfulness, exploration and inspiration which you never seems to run out of. I have been following you since the 90’s and you are still my #1 favorite singner/songwriter/poet/extraordinaire.

  19. veda

    julie, thank you. i’m so grateful for the long listeners, the deep listeners. happy new year to you.

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